Claiming Priority in the UAE: Fees for late submission of the Priority document

On 14th March 2019, the UAE Trade Marks Office at the Ministry of Economy announced the costs involved for requesting an extension of time to submit the Priority document, which is required to support a UAE trade mark application claiming Priority from an earlier foreign filing.  

If the certified Priority document is not available at the time of filing, then for AED 500 (around US $140 at today’s rate of exchange), an applicant may request an extension of time of 3 months, with the option for a further 3 months extension to file the document, for the same fee again.  

There is no indication that the Trade Marks Office will entertain any further extensions beyond 6 months. Our guess is this is it, but this is generous, offers certainty and should enable foreign applicants sufficient time now to be able to benefit from claiming Priority in the UAE without worrying about furnishing the Priority document at the time of filing.