Once you have successfully obtained registered protection of your valuable brand we recommend taking steps to safeguard it.

Brand owners generally know their market and are well placed to keep an eye on new kids trading on their block. But this is only half of the story.

Brand owners should also be mindful of conflicting trade marks gaining an entry on relevant Trade Marks Registers as co-existence of such registrations can lead to brand dilution and potential confusion in the market.

Subscribing to a trade mark watching service provides valuable information on published third party trade mark applications that might be identical or similar to your trade mark. As your agent, we receive and evaluate these watch notices and notify you of any applications that may pose a threat.

Together we can determine whether or not an opposition against the registration of that trade mark is in your interest and what action, if any, should be considered to prevent or cease unauthorised use of it.

Get in touch if you are interested to explore further how we can help you police your brand.