The Covid-19 effect: The UAE Trade Mark Office makes further reductions to official fees amid Coronavirus pandemic.


It was announced on Sunday 5th April 2020 that official fees pretty well across the board for Trade Marks have been reduced. This takes effect immediately.

This follows a reduction implemented only last year.

Below, you can find how the fees* have changed in relation to searching, registration and renewals:


Service Old fees New fees
Search (per class or mark) AED 500 (US $138) AED 350 (US $97)
Application AED 1,000 (US $275) AED 750 (US $206)
Gazette publication** AED 1,000 (US $275) AED 750 (US $206)
Registration AED 6,700 (US $1,825) AED 5,000 (US $1,363)
Renewal AED 8,700 (US $2,370) AED 6,500 (US $1,770)


* Approximate conversion from AED to USD has been applied.

** This does not include the mandatory newspaper publication fees, which are not governed by the UAE Ministry of Economy (Trade Mark Division).


So, in respect of trade mark registrations and renewals in the UAE, brand owners will see a reduction of official fees by around US $600!

Whether the further slashing of fees was in the pipeline or not, we should applaud the UAE Ministry of Economy for taking this initiative at a time when many businesses around the globe will be facing financial challenges.

For more information on the scale of reduced fees, please get in touch at